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Facial Fillers - Restylane

Facial Fillers -  Restylane
Who is a good candidate for Restylane?

Most doctors agree that a patient should be at least 18 before undergoing treatment with Restylane. This mostly has to do with the fact that the facial features need to finish growing, as well as the psychological makeup. There is no upper age limit for using Restylane, although the typical client is usually between 20 and 60 years old.

Because Restylane is made with all-natural compounds, it’s extremely rare for anyone to experience an allergic reaction to the filler, and Restylane is considered one of best tolerated treatments around.

Undergoing your Restylane procedure

After the aesthetician determines the exact sites for injection, he or she will apply a topical numbing agent to ensure the client’s comfort. A very tiny amount of Restylane will be administered using an ultra fine needle. The pin-prick is so minor that most report they did not even know the treatment had already taken place. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes on average, and is usually repeated within 6-12 months for ideal results.

The precision-based approach

With any dermal filler or injectable, it’s important to choose a seasoned, experienced medical profession to perform your procedure, as this ensures the most precise and nuanced results.

Our aestheticians and nurses apply a very conservative approach when working with facial fillers, being careful to preserve facial spontaneity and naturalness while also solving cosmetic problems. Our work is always subtle and sophisticated, which is why we are considered among the best cosmetic skincare practices providing stunning results with Restylane has to offer.

Where does treatment occur?

Your procedure is performed at our beautiful outpatient medical center. This luxurious and immaculate treatment facility is fully accredited and features all the same amenities and cutting edge equipment as your local hospital, only with shorter waiting times, more privacy and increased convenience. From our relaxing reception areas to our peaceful recovery suites, We offer superior care in a discreet setting.

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