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Injectables - Kybella

Injectables - Kybella

How is Kybella formulated?

Even though the structure and diffusion of the two compounds are different, they are quite similar in application. Both are FDA-approved for use on the face, reducing the appearance of expression lines like crow’s feet and forehead creases. Each of the treatments works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses controlling the muscles, relaxing the treated area to minimize wrinkles.

Both BOTOX and Dysport have a temporary effect on the treatment area and you will need regular treatments to maintain the results. Usually you will need to return every three to six months for subsequent injections.

What happens during the procedure?
Kybella treatment requires some patience, because it does take a few months to accomplish all the benefits. The aesthetician will decide on the right number of injections for your body, and will communicate this to you during your confidential consultation. Most Kybella PRP Aesthetics & Wellness clients require about 2-6 sessions in order to appreciate a radical change in their double chin. About 14-50 injections are administered per appointment, and sessions should be spaced out several weeks apart. Treatment time is usually less than a half hour.

Kybella recovery

Some patients may experience mild tingling, redness, numbness or swelling after their injection. These side effects are perfectly normal and they will abate shortly, usually within the first week. Ice packs and/or ibuprofen usually provide comfort and peace of mind. Minimizing post-procedural exercise is a good idea, as this can help keep swelling down. You will be able to fully visualize your results within the first two weeks, but this varies from client to client.

Why choose The PRP Aesthetics & Wellness ?

The PRP Aesthetics & Wellness is beyond as home to not only an experienced, thoughtful medical team, but as a bastion for cosmetic artists. Our eye for beauty is thoughtful and subtle, and in our capable hands, your double chin will melt away, replaced by a leaner, more proportionate profile that accents your best features. Our aestheticians are always approachable, and many think of our practice as a second home.

Getting started with Kybella

The first step towards a more slender, attractive profile is to meet with our top aestheticians at our PRP Aesthetics & Wellness office. During this consultation, the practitioners will examine your double chin, gather your medical records, and make their best recommendations for moving forward.Often the aesthetician will devise a multifaceted treatment plan that makes use of other dermal fillers as well for comprehensive results. Also during the consultation, you may view our vast collection of before and after photos which offer evidence of the wonders performed by our nurses and aestheticians using Kybella.

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