Ultracel Q+ HIFU laser

Ultracel Q+ HIFU laser

Ultracel Q+ was designed to precisely target and naturally regenerate collagen, resulting in greater skin elasticity and a tighter, more contoured appearance. This HIFU laser can give you a non-surgical option for face lifting and body contouring.

Main advantages of this next gen HIFU system, include.

  • Faster treatment time: Unlike other solutions, ULTRAcel Q+ can treat the entire face in 10 minutes and complete a partial body treatment in 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Better visibility and accessibility: ULTRAcel Q+ works with slim cartridges, which offers on-the-spot convenience. Slimmer cartridge make hard-to-reach areas more accessible and visible. There is even a cartridge available for the eye rim, which can be one of the more difficult areas to treat.
  • Wider treatment area: To accelerate treatment times, the ULTRAcel Q+ system was created to target wider treatment areas for face and body.
  • HIFU: high intensity focused ultrasound treatment, ULTRAcel Q+ combines fat cell reduction with skin tightening and collagen production for an overall tightened and sculpted result.
  • Results: For long term results, regular treatments are required. With two to four treatments for patients with severe saggy skin, patients see a significant improvement in areas treated. Mild cases one requires one session.

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